Meet the team

Executive Team

We are educators, adept craftsmen, and visionary innovators. Our diverse origins span tenures with esteemed entities like LucasArts, Carta, Google, MunkyFun, Ubisoft, and Nike.
Grant Scholl
Co-Founder & CEO
Draws on 7 years experience as an educator, investment manager and entrepreneur in crypto and gaming.
Nick Pavis
Chief Technology Officer
Built dozens of top hit games for SuperNintendo, X-Box, and Playstation, including world renowned IP as Director of Game Technology at LucasFilm Games and CEO of MunkyFun.
Tyler Perry-Smith
Chief Financial Officer
Brings over ten years experience in hedge funds, private equity and venture capital. Former controller at Carta where he oversaw administration and capital deployment of billions into Web3.
Aidan Rankin-Williams
Co-Founder & CXO
Previously worked at the Nike Innovation Lab, and Emurgo: a Blockchain tech company. Entered the web3 industry in 2017 and hasn't stopped building and creating since.

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